FRED WHITE: one of Sweden’s upcoming techno DJ & producer, always delivering 100% energy to the crowd.
Music has always been the most important thing in life. As one of the founders behind Sweden’s most important music event, the Arvikafestivalen, Fred began his career as a DJ in 1988 on his own parties.
Fred is frequently playing on clubs and festivals all over Sweden and in important towns like Gothenburg and Stockholm. Fred also has played on European festivals like Fusion in Berlin, Vuuv Experience outside Hamburg, clubs and parties in Norway and Switzerland and so on.
In the past 5 years Fred has begun to produce his own tracks with releases on Berlin label Detached Records Berlin, Spiral Trax, CutOff Recordings and Planet BEN Records.
Techno music with dark melodies an steady and clear goal. You feel and see things when you listen to Fred Whites music.
The search for the perfect balance in life and the perfect track is still on

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